UI Kit Fashion Store Mobile App - Vixastore | Premium

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VIXAStore App is a powerful and comprehensive collection of user interface components designed specifically for building dynamic and visually appealing online store interfaces.

This App UI KIT provides developers and designers with all the essential elements needed to create stunning e-commerce experiences with ease. With this UI KIT to help you out, you’re sure to impress!

The kit contains 100+ components and light and dark versions to help you build your own app. You can use this kit in any project to create something unique and creative.|

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Meaningful Digital Assets for All UI Purposes. You'll get +100 Figma UI screens, custom illustration & empty state and much more,

Variety of UI screens
90+ Ready-to-Use UI Screens
Inclusive of Empty State & Illustrations
Empty states & Illustrations included
Easily Customizable Design
Customizable master components and styles
Vector Based
Vector-based Elements for Scalability
Organized and Well-Structured Layers, prepared for seamless handoff to developer
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UI Kit Fashion Store Mobile App - Vixastore | Premium

13 ratings
I want this!